Introduce you to much rain in the summer rainy season auto maintenance knowledge

Workaround: If wading through time after a circuit device, you can use the non-fiber paper towels and textiles circuit one by one to dry before you start. Auto maintenance knowledge self-check brake fluid during the rainy season if exposed to moisture during wet weather can cause brake fluid produces a lot of water on the glass and into the brake fluid. If has moisture in the brake fluid, vehicle brake heat produced in the process of transpiration in a lot of water vapor, the compressibility of the gas can cause brake malfunction or even failure. Solution: If the brakes needto tread very deep, stepped on brake hear a noise, braking distance is longer than before, that in three cases, a vehicle into the garage to check. Rainy season car conservation knowledge four rainy day cover car clothing more injured many owners habits to vehicles sets car clothing, although can prevent vehicles surface damaged, but as met Shang windy rain of weather, car clothing will repeatedly pumping taxi paint, especially Dang sand blow into car clothing within, on will in car body draw countless road small of designated marks, time a long also will caused paint surface variable dark.