What are some common automotive knowledge is wrong?

So, what are the common car knowledge is wrong?

1. the speed, the higher the gas. Wrong, actually go is the most fuel-efficient cars in the 2000-3000, lower than the most fuel-efficient speed even more gas.

2. larger and more gas emissions. Wrong! It is only under certain conditions.

3. Manual than automatic transmission fuel efficient. Wrong! Today's automatic transmissions are very "smart".

4. Turbo more fuel-efficient than a naturally aspirated engine. Wrong! This is not necessarily.

5. German American gas, fuel-efficient Japanese and South Korea. Wrong! Practical test you will find German car fuel now!

6. the heavier vehicle more secure. Wrong! Limit manipulation easier it is to break through the heavier car, inertia braking performance also declined.

7.SUV safer than cars. Wrong! High Center of gravity and easy to roll.