Car Sun Shade Enjoy The Comfort Of The Sun And The Scenery

In recent years, the electricization of the intelligent window shade products developed rapidly, the strong promotion of foreign motor brands make shade shine electric, intelligent trend to become a fixed trend. The rapid development of the domestic economy makes high-end hotels and buildings out of the ordinary, the traditional window shade products can not meet the modern high-end Car Sun Shade and decoration needs, but also can not be consistent with the overall style of the building style. Just like not installing electric curtains you are embarrassed to call yourself a high-end hotel.

Building energy consumption is high, extensive high-speed development of environmental pollution have led to energy-saving buildings, green building development. In the initial design and planning should not ignore the role of Car Sun Shade, Car Sun Shade should be integrated into the overall architectural design, making the electric, intelligent Car Sun Shade for building energy to play a greater role.

For the construction of shade, the application of a wider range of products to the number of spindle lobes and electric ceiling curtain, spindle lobes for building outside shade, fine shade dimming effect, efficient shade heat effect, convenient and efficient control , The appearance of beautiful architectural decoration makes the shuttle louvers become one of the most widely used products for modern Car Sun Shade.

The use of electric ceiling curtains and the construction of the roof of the roof shade, used for building interior, good shade dimming effect,Car Sun Shade neat and simple decorative effect makes the electric ceiling curtains become a large building lighting roof shade a wide range of options.

Modern buildings towards the intelligent and energy-saving development, with the floor is getting higher and higher, people on the building of natural lighting and external perspective increasingly high demand for large glass curtain wall more and more, and this trend is very Long time has been there.

The enhanced permeability of the building increases the natural daylight and the openness of the field of view, while excessive solar radiation also brings indoor greenhouse effect,Car Sun Shade glare and damage to human and indoor items. It is necessary to retain the enjoyment of comfortable sunshine and scenery, but also to prevent excessive sun radiation and protection of privacy and security, good use of window shade products is essential.