Car Sun Shade Reduce The Energy Of Sunlight Penetrating

The main is to block direct sunlight through the glass into the interior, to prevent excessive sunlight and heating the building envelope structure, to prevent glare, and reduce the incoming indoor solar radiation heat, in order to eliminate or alleviate the indoor high temperature, reduce air-conditioning power consumption. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve the indoor environment,Car Sun Shade  reduce the energy consumption and improve the energy saving effect by adopting appropriate shading measures for different orientations in the field design.

More desirable styles, the effect is not as good as the outside sun, interior shading Decorative reflection part of the sun, absorbing part of the sun, through the part of the sun, the sun only through that part of the sunlight will directly reach the surface of the window glass, and some may form a cold load, although the interior shading can also reflect off some of However, the absorption and penetration of the parts have become the indoor cooling load, but only the peak of heat is delayed and decay. However, because the component is located indoors, it is easy to maintain and clean. In addition, the more widely used double-layer skin often puts the Car Sun Shade layer between the two building epidermis layers, the air layer formed between the double-layer glass and the adjustable shading layer together, satisfies the building's Car Sun Shade, natural ventilation and the natural daylighting request. In the Double-layer skin structure, the Car Sun Shade is protected by the outer glass to avoid the erosion of wind and rain.

At present, as adjustable shading layer or building epidermis can adjust the shading component, the function has surpassed the sun radiation this single function, to the multi-function development. such as guiding natural light to produce ground energy, dustproof, safety protection and so on.

For example, the Guide light Car Sun Shade board, this kind of light shading board, not only can reject the intrusion of solar energy, but also can affect the indoor natural lighting. The specific approach is to make the sun visor part of the sunny surface with reflective ability, through a certain physical refraction mode, so that it in the occlusion of light while at the same time can be refracted sunlight.

There are photovoltaic panels, solar photovoltaic and adjustable sun visor combination, constitute a composite function of solar comprehensive utilization device. Continuously adjust the angle of the sun visor to track solar light, to maximize the absorption of solar energy. In addition,Car Sun Shade  with the advent of multi-functional materials, with special performance of the sun shading products, such as the use of sun-controlled laminated glass to make shading components, not only can reduce the sunlight through the energy, but also to weaken the dazzling sun visible light.