Front Window Sun Shade Ease The Indoor High Temperature, Reduce Air Conditioning Electricity Consumption

Front Window Sun Shade energy conservation is about 10% to 24% of building energy consumption, but for Front Window Sun Shade construction investment less than 2%, The benefits are obvious.

The purpose of shading is to block the direct sunlight through the glass into the room, to prevent excessive exposure to sunlight and heating the envelope, to prevent glare, and reduce the incoming solar radiation heat,

To eliminate or alleviate the indoor high temperature, reduce air conditioning power consumption. So for different orientation in the field design to take appropriate and reasonable shading measures is to improve the indoor environment, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, improve

Energy efficient effect of the effective way.

Front Window Sun Shade of the epidermis

As the building skin is no longer a simple internal and external space division, its function becomes increasingly complex, to have such as Front Window Sun Shade, lighting, ventilation, moisturizing and other functions. According to the Front Window Sun Shade of the skin layer, one

Is outside the Front Window Sun Shade, divided into horizontal, vertical, integrated and so on. While the fixed Front Window Sun Shade is often considered to use more, in addition to concrete Front Window Sun Shade.

The advantage of the sun Front Window Sun Shade is the sun radiation in the Front Window Sun Shade on the heat generated by the external, good heat dissipation, the disadvantage is to protect the maintenance more difficult. Specifically, now the building Front Window Sun Shades the surface of the design, The building shape played a great impact. Outside Front Window Sun Shade can effectively reduce the building is hot, but the effect and Front Window Sun Shade structure, materials, color and other closely related, but also there are some flaws. Due to straight

Exposed to the outside, not only the use of the process easy to fouling, easy to clean, but also to consider the wind, rain and other corrosive effects.

Inside the Front Window Sun Shade, the desirable style is more, the effect is not as good as the outside Front Window Sun Shade, the sun Front Window Sun Shade reflects part of the sun, absorb part of the sun, through the part of the sun, and outside the Front Window Sun Shade only through that

The sun will directly reach the outer surface of the window glass, and some may form a cold load, although the inner Front Window Sun Shade can also reflect part of the sun, but the absorption and transmission of the parts have become indoor cold

The charge is only delayed and attenuated to the peak of the heat. But the components are located indoors, easy to maintain and clean. In addition, the more widely used double-layer skin will always be placed in the two layers of the building layer

Between the double layer of glass between the formation of the air layer and adjustable shading layer together to meet the building Front Window Sun Shade, natural ventilation and natural lighting requirements. In the double-skin structure, the Front Window Sun Shade is covered by the outer glass Glass protection, to avoid the erosion of wind and rain.