Ningbo, Zhejiang: The First Vehicles With Independent Intellectual Property Rights Officially Released Light Smart Sun Visor

On December 10, the owner field experience light smart sun visor when the outside light changes the shading.

On that day, the first with independent intellectual property rights of automobile light smart sun visor "Royal" in Ningbo, Zhejiang, officially released, the car is light smart sun visor holds 35 patents, 7 of which are patented technologies.

Its sensors to automatically adjust contrast and white balance function, the sensor can accurately identify the front sight "exposure is not accurate" and "extreme contrast" and other factors, so as to automatically correct these due to the glare, stray light, refraction of light, diffused light caused by vision problems, make the eyes smart sun visor see soft and clear.

Light intelligent improve traditional single visor the sun visor the sun visor features automatically according to the changes of light regulation, control driver sight lighting, poor elimination of occulting light both inside and outside the tunnel, increasing the rainy day foggy vision clarity, block the light, to overcome the snow blindness symptoms, ultraviolet lights and many other smart features. Xinhua reporter Xu Yu photography