Rear Window Sun Shade Had A Good Protective Effect

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor shading? Indoor shading is the shade in the window, the curtains in the visual form of a shading illusion, in fact,Rear Window Sun Shade the heat has entered the room, in the glass window to produce the greenhouse effect, the inevitable indoor accumulation of heat, in the summer must use air-conditioning; It is the shading of fabrics and aluminum alloy placed outside the glass, blocking the light at the same time, but also through the shading fabric heat absorption and reflection, played a very good energy-saving role.

Data show that 80% of the heat is coming into the room through indoor shading, while outdoor shading only 20% of the heat is inside. It can be seen that outdoor shading is much more effective than indoor shading.

The development of Rear Window Sun Shade industry is driven by the background of national energy-saving policy, and the innovation and development of its products and design is the source power of the interior.

is the thick and heavy fabric quality good?

Usually, most people will think that the thick fabric is stronger and more durable. However, the choice of shading fabric fabric can not be judged by thickness and weight as the standard of quality of fabric.

Some of the fabric is very thick, in which PVC content occupies the majority. Some fabric fiber content is only 20%, and PVC content is 80%. This fabric is thick and heavy, but its quality and size stability,Rear Window Sun Shade can not be compared with high fiber content fabrics.

What do you need to refer to for shading fabric fabrics?

The choice of shading fabric, the main reference to two aspects:

1. Fiber content, whether it is glass fiber or polyester fiber;

2. PVC content. PVC is only the role of coloring, and fabric quality and dimensional stability depends mainly on the content of the fiber.

Fiber content in the same case, polyester fiber fabrics and glass fiber fabrics What is the difference?

In the same fiber content, glass fiber fabrics to be superior to polyester fiber fabrics, depending on the characteristics of the glass fiber itself, such as: strong dimensional stability, flame retardant and so on.