Rear Window Sun Shade To Ensure That The Brightness Of Space, There Is A Certain Degree Of Privacy

Lighting or Rear Window Sun Shade, is based on the needs of residents to decide. Sun Rear Window Sun Shade will be home dimmer master posture came into being. This year, the market Rear Window Sun Shade products more and more, and in the integration of intelligent technology, intelligent home has become an indispensable part. Compared to traditional curtains, Rear Window Sun Shade screens can better understand the light required for home space, you can isolate ultraviolet light, heat and reduce energy consumption; if necessary, can also be integrated into the intelligent system, leading us ahead of life into the future.

With curtains instead of curtains, the European family has been very common. Industry practitioners said, "it is understood that the traditional living room curtains generally have two layers, a layer of semi-transparent Rear Window Sun Shade and a layer of decorative curtains with a decorative effect. Open the two layers of curtains, for the whole light transmission mode; separate open Rear Window Sun Shade, keep the gauze, for the semi-shading mode, both to ensure that the brightness of space, there is a certain degree of privacy; and closed two layers of curtains, you can achieve complete shading.

And curtains and other indoor Rear Window Sun Shade products is different, Rear Window Sun Shade products are mostly installed in the building and housing for Rear Window Sun Shade outside the products, such as blinds, shutter, wind curtain and so on. With the improvement of home life quality, people's demand for Rear Window Sun Shade ornaments increased significantly. According to the law to engage in industry insiders, in Europe, the popularity of Rear Window Sun Shade products to reach more than 90%, even in people's minds, "no Rear Window Sun Shade of the building is not complete building." China's modern building Rear Window Sun Shade industry started late, the market share is too small, but the rapid development of the past two years.

Compared to traditional curtains, Rear Window Sun Shade trim can be fine to adjust the light. In addition to living as a "dimming master", Rear Window Sun Shade window trim also has many traditional curtains can not match the benefits. First of all, sun Rear Window Sun Shade more adapted to local conditions. Rear Window Sun Shade window system simple, do not take up space, unlike the curtain as "heavy." In general, curtains are more suitable for floor design. For windows hanging in the middle of the wall, the curtains are very inconvenient to use, and may affect the appearance, and this window structure in Guangzhou, most families are common. In particular, some small, narrow windows, it is difficult to use curtains, then you can according to the size of the window, tailor-made Rear Window Sun Shade. In addition, Xiao Bian learned that the majority of the market Rear Window Sun Shade have a manual and electric two ways. Simply install a motor, you can achieve electric remote control, and even with the whole house intelligent system, to achieve integrated intelligent space, early into the future life.

In fact, curtains and Rear Window Sun Shade are not uniform. More and more families will combine the two together. A classic solution is to use the vertical Shangri-La curtain instead of the traditional gauze, and then design a layer of traditional cloth curtains. In this way, Shangri-La curtain can be fine to adjust the light, to create a soft diffuse light, and curtains Rear Window Sun Shade, decorative tasks. Horizontal pull curtains with vertical pull out of the Roman curtain, is also a good design.

Rear Window Sun Shade window is the core of automatic remote control function, many families buy Rear Window Sun Shade trim, will choose with the motor products, convenient remote control curtains.