Rear Window Sun Shade With Energy-saving Effect Is Very Significant

Modern people have been pursuing the "three have" that is rich, there is room, a car. In fact, the car is a symbol of a person's life taste, if you can have a good car, go out will feel very face. I do not know if there is such a feeling, when you see a luxury brand car (such as Bugatti, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc.), the eyes have been watching the car, suddenly gave birth to the envy of the meaning. So the car has always been the people's beloved things, do not have to let it be a little bit of damage. Nowadays, there are many owners in order to protect their own car, will be equipped with a sun shade, so that they can let the car from the wind, rain and snow, the sun and other bad weather destroyed. So how can this Rear Window Sun Shade to maintain the use of more long-term it?

First: let the tarpaulin keep dry at all times. In general, the real high-quality shade pimple is not moldy rotten, but if it is long in a wet and unclean environment, but also easy to breed bacteria, mildew attached moldy. So pay special attention to it to clean up and dry, even if it had to put away in the wet case, must also open as soon as possible to dry.

Second: remember that every period of time will be on the tarpaulin waxing maintenance, so you can keep its performance intact. Note that before the wax to the Rear Window Sun Shade for careful cleaning, and dry.

Third: Do not forget to lubricate the Rear Window Sun Shade. Lubricate the maintenance of the time do not let oil drops in the tarpaulin above, because the oil is made from crude oil, will cause great damage to the tarpaulin.

Colorful Rear Window Sun Shade through the doors and windows of the decoration can change the overall image of the villa, to create personalized, taste of the courtyard life. Rear Window Sun Shades from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the significance is very significant.

In order to prevent the sunshine during the summer sun exposure, you can use a relatively solid textiles made of Rear Window Sun Shade, Rear Window Sun Shade itself not only has a decorative effect, but also to block the wind and rain. What are the characteristics of the Rear Window Sun Shade?

Rear Window Sun Shade features

1. Rear Window Sun Shade with a comprehensive external shade function, can completely block the ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce air conditioning load;

2. Rear Window Sun Shade with energy-saving effect, Rear Window Sun Shade, from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the significance is very significant;

3. Rear Window Sun Shade, while blocking the summer heat at the same time, can make a strong sunlight in the form of diffuse light reflected into the room, so that the indoor light bright and not dazzling, and does not affect the window from the interior to see the landscape, people The living space extends from the room to the outside;

4. Rear Window Sun Shade not only the human skin from UV invasion, but also greatly extended the interior decoration and furniture life,

5. Rear Window Sun Shade has a colorful cover cloth pattern, color, the user can choose according to need.