Side Window Sun Shade Low-carbon Life Is Even More Urgent Need To Establish A Green Life

In fact, curtains and shade are not uniform. A classic solution is to use the vertical Shangri-La curtain instead of the traditional gauze, and then design a layer of traditional cloth curtains. In this way,Side Window Sun Shade Shangri-La curtain can be fine to adjust the light,Side Window Sun Shade to create a soft diffuse light, and curtains shade, decorative tasks. Horizontal pull curtains with vertical pull out of the Roman curtain, is also a good design.

Energy saving effect is good. At present, the domestic indoor shade is a kind of ineffective shade way, ultraviolet light through the glass shot to the awning, and make the fabric or metal curtain into a heat source, the actual heat has entered the room. The outer sun blinds in the first time to block the heat,Side Window Sun Shade ultraviolet light and other strong light in the outdoor, energy-saving effect and the installation of curtains in the glass inside the effect is very different.

Excellent economic results. The use of external shade technology into less effective.

Artistry is strong. Through the improvement of the external awning and the choice of color, the building facade can also become rich and beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. It can be said that the outer shade technology is a high degree of unity of architectural functions and architectural forms.

If the protection of the environment,Side Window Sun Shade the protection of animals, energy conservation, these environmental concepts have become the code of conduct, low-carbon life is even more urgent need to establish a green lifestyle. How to prevent infrared into the room,Side Window Sun Shade in addition to the necessary green, artificial green is also very important, all kinds of shade awning and architectural facade with, you can fully let people feel green nature, because it can ultraviolet and infrared completely outdoors.