Side Window Sun Shade Must Have A Good Anti-corrosive Effect

In the concept of many people inside, that the Side Window Sun Shade are the same, as long as they can play the role of shelter is enough. However, the actual situation is that if you want to make it fully play a role, better play a role in protecting the car, you need to meet the appropriate conditions and requirements. So, the following days of the industry to come to a brief introduction to what it should meet the requirements.

First of all, the Side Window Sun Shade must be strong and solid. All the sheds are composed of columns and ceiling combination of two parts, if the column is not strong enough, or the roof is not strong enough, then will affect the quality of the shed, will affect the specific use. In contrast, the column and the roof are strong enough, then you can better ensure its safety, so that the shed played a role in the protection of vehicles.

Second, the Side Window Sun Shade must have a good anti-corrosive effect, making the car from the erosion of rain erosion. Now the rain, contains more sulfide components, these substances will play a negative impact on the car, reducing the overall performance of the car, shorten the life of the car. Therefore, the Side Window Sun Shade not only need to play the role of shade, but also need to have a certain degree of corrosion resistance. In this case, it can be better to make the car from the rain corrosive damage.

For the installation of Side Window Sun Shades, for safety reasons, we must choose a reasonable product. Thus ensuring the use of reliability and rationality.

Of course, before the product installation, we try to design a Side Window Sun Shade drawings, according to the contents of the drawings, the necessary planning, and measuring the roof, as well as other structures of the basic positioning, and the central location. And for the parking population, also need to be a certain understanding. If the parking population is more, people flow larger, then the Side Window Sun Shade area, must be broad enough. On the contrary, if the population is small, then you can choose a small Side Window Sun Shade. And for its height, it is necessary to make the necessary measurements. If there are some differences, then you can use the larger mortar, the necessary solution. Thus making the overall strength to meet the satisfactory standards. Therefore, according to the drawings marked, put the bolt. And then in the product of the main skeleton of the basic welding. At the same time as welding, first of all, we should weld the left and right parts of the product, and finally in the middle of the welding. Thus ensuring the stability of the welding effect.

Side Window Sun Shade in the construction at the same time, we choose raw materials, but also has certain requirements. In the choice, we must consider the resistance of raw materials, as well as fire effects. So as to avoid failure, so that people can safely stop.